Trinity Lake
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Trinity Lake

map of campgrounds around Trinity Lake, CA Preacher Meadow Campground Clark springs Campground Bushytail Campground Minersville Campground Fawn Group Campground Stoney Creek Group Campground Alpine View Campground Bridge Camp Campground Hayward Flat Campground stoney Point Campground Tannery Gulch Camnpground Ackerman Campground Mary Smith Campground

Trinity Lake Campgrounds

The west shore of Trinity Lake has a wonderful assortment of campgrounds with a variety of amenities. Their proximity to the recreation opportunities in Trinty Lake and the nearby Trinity Alps make them choice camping destinatioins.

There are two designated Group Camps - Stoney Creek and Fawn. Most campers prefer the latter site. Some campgrounds have group sites which are more like extra large campsites accommodating up to 12 people.

Bridge Camp Campground has some facilities for horses, including a corral.

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