Klamath National Forest Campground Map

map of campgrounds in western Klamath National Forest, California Sarah Totten Campground Grider Creek Campground Tree of Heaven Campground Curly Jack Campground Indian Scotty Campground Idlewild Campground Carter Meadows Campground Hidden Horse Campground Matthews Creek Campground Trail Creek Campground

Klamath National Forest Campgrounds

The mountainous Klamath National Forest features a number of small, scenic campgrounds along its main rivers, the mighty Klamath River and tributaries such as the Scott River and forks of the Salmon River. Campground amenities are usually limited, but outdoor enthusiasts find an abundance of attractions from river rafting and fishing to hiking and wildlife viewing.

Group campsites are found at Sarah Totten Campground, Curly Jack Campground, Indian Scotty Campground, and Carter Meadows Campground (equestrian), Equestrian campsites are available at Carter Meadows Campground (a group equestrian site), Hidden Horse Campground, and Grider Creek Campground.

Campground Designations

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