Ben Ries Campground

Butano State Park

Butano State Park

Ben Reis Campground in Butano State Park, CA

Ben Ries Campground

Butano State Park Attractions

Butano State Park is a tranquil, shady retreat not far inland from the San Mateo County Coast. Those camping at Butano State Park's Bein Ries Campground enjoy dense groves of redwoods along with neasrby scenic beaches.

  • Stroll through a beautiful canyon of soaring coast redwoods, lush ferns, and gurgling creeks.
  • Enjoy picnic areas among the redwoods.
  • Choose from a host of short hiking trails winding through different sections of the park.
  • Enjoy guided nature walks and weekend campfire programs.
  • Watch for wildlife such as deer, raccoons, coyotes, and squirrels.
  • Children always like the Junior Ranger program.

Key Ben Ries Campground Regulations

  1. Wood collecting is not allowed, including twigs and leaves.
  2. Generators may only be operated sparingly from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  3. Crumb-clean: Food and garbage must be stored in food lockers when not in use

Ben Ries Campground

Butano State Park is tucked away in the coastal mountains only 3 miles inland from Pescadero along the San Mateo County coast. The quiet state park offers a comfortable place to camp close to many nearby attractions, including Ano Nuevo State Park, a string of beautiful beaches along the San Mateo coast, and Half Moon Bay.

Ben Ries Campground is set in a dense redwood forest with limited sunlight filtering through the trees. Half of the campsites in Ben Ries Campground are standard sites which will accommodate tents and small RVs or trailers. The other half are walk-in, tent-only sites, usually only a short distance from the parking area.

Bem Ries Campground Basics
Bem Ries Campground Location: 1500 Cloverdale Rd. near Pescadero
Elevation: 300 feet
Camping season: April - November
Number of Sites: 35
Max. People per Site: 8 (including children)
Vehicles per Site: 3 for drive-in sites
1 for walk-in sites
Pets: On leash, always attended
Park Headquarters: (650) 879-2040

Reservations for Butano State Park Camping
Reservations Available: early May through November, up to 1 year in advance
Booking Window: from 2 days up to 7 months in advance of arrival
New dates are released in 1-month blocks on the first of each month.
Maximum Vehicle Length: 24 feet
Accessible Sites: None designated
Fees: $35 plus an $8 reservation fee
Online Reservations: Ben Ries Campground Reservations
Check-in, check-out: 2:00 PM, Noon

Ben Ries Campground Amenities
Campsites: Picnic table, food locker, fire ring
Campground: restrooms with flush toilets, tap water
Showers: No
Dump Station: No
Campground Map: Ben Ries Campground Map
Attractions neasr Bem Ries Campground: Choose for several nice hiking trails. Enjoy campfire programs. Join ranger-led nature walks. Visit the park's Nature Center. Marvel at the redwoods. Drsive to the San Mateo coast and find attractions such as Ano Nuevo State Park.

Reservations Tips

Reservations for all Portola Redwoods State Park campsites are available from 2 days up to 7 months in advance. Reservations become available in one-month blocks on the first of the month, 7 months in advance. For example, on January 1 campsite reservations become available for all of July.

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