Crane Flat Campground

Yosemite National Park

Half Dome, Yosemite

Crane Flat Campground, Yosemite National Park

Crane Flat Campground

Yosemite National Park
Attractions and Activities

For those camping at Crane Flat Campground there are many wondrous sites to enjoy only a short drive away. Once visitors reach Yosemite Valley they can take advantage of the free shuttle to deliver them to almost all the favorite attractions in the valley.

  • Glacier Point offers spectacular views of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley.
  • Visit Happy Isles with a Nature Center and trails to Vernal and Nevada falls,
  • Take the short hike to Mirror Lake with close-up views of Half Dome,
  • Tour the Valley Visitor and Wilderness centers.
  • Enjoy easy scenic trails all around the valley and along the Merced River, connecting to viewpoints and picnic areas.
  • Experience Nature and History Programs - nature and photography walks, history tours, art classes, children's programs, and more. Most free, some with modest fees.
  • Join in Outdoor Adventures - nature and photography walks, history tours, art classes, children's programs, and more. Fees.

Key Crane Flat Campground Regulations

  1. Bears: Store all food and similar items in bear-proof lockers, not in vehicles.
  2. Generators may only be operated from 7 AM to 9 AM, Noon to 2 PM, and 5 PM to 7 PM.

Crane Flat Campground

Crane Flat Campground is located on Big Oak Flat Road (Highway 120), just west of the Tioga Road junction. The forested campground is 17 miles from Yosemite Valley. Sites are fairly well spaced out.

Crane Flat Campground has 166 campsites. Seventeen are designated for RVs or trailers only and another 70 are for tents only. The remainder can accommodate RVs, trailers, and tents. Not all sites will accommodate the maximum lengths for RVs and trailers shown below. Some campsites are on slopes, making it difficult to locate a level tent site. Read vehicle limitations on the reservation site carefully before making a reservation.

Bear-proof food storage lockers are provided for all food and scented items.

Campground Basics
Crane Flat Campground Location: Big Oak Flat Rd. (Hwy. 120), Yosemite
Elevation: 6,200 feet
Distance & Driving Time from major cities: 102 miles east of Stockton - 2:01
110 miles north of Fresno - 2:25
Number of Sites: 166
Open - Closed: June or early July to October
Max. People per Site: 6 (including children)
Vehicles per Site: 2
Pets: On leash, always attended
Information: (209) 372-0200

Reservations Required: whenever campground is open
Booking Window: Reservations can be made from 2 days up to 7 months in advance of arrival date. New dates are released in 1-month blocks on the first of each month.
Max. RV/Trailer Length: 40 feet and 30 feet
Wheelchair accessible Sites: #423, #427
Favorite Campsites: #108, 110, 208, 246, 504. 506, 512, 514, 516, 528, 550 (big and private)
Fees: $26 per night
Reservations: Crane Flat Campground Reservations
Check-in, check-out: Noon

Crane Flat Campground Amenities
Campsites: Picnic table, food locker, fire ring; no hook-ups
Campground: restrooms with flush toilets, tap water, amphitheater
Showers: Showers are available in Yosemite Valley at Half Dome (Curry) Village or Housekeeping Camp
Dump station: A dump station is available near Tuolumne Meadows Campground or in Yosemite Valley at Upper Pines Campground.
Campground Map: Crane Flat Campground Map
Attractions near Crane Flat Campground: Merced Groves of Giant Sequoia, trail to Clark Range view (1½ miles)

General Camping Information for Yosemite

Opening and closing dates of campgrounds are only estimates, usually dependent on snow conditions. Not all campsites can accommodate trailers or RVs of all lengths. Check carefully on the website when you make your reservation to be sure your vehicle will fit your campsite.

Accessible Sites

Designated Accessible sites are reserved for people with disabilities who have a vehicle displaying an accessible parking placard or license plate For visitors who are temporarily disabled or do not have their permanent accessible parking placard with them, pick up a temporary placard at the entrance station or a visitor center.

Reservations Tips

Reservations open in blocks of one month at a time, 5 months in advance on the 15th of each month at 7:00 AM Pacific Time.

Prime reservations fill within minutes. To improve your chances of obtaining a reservation, be poised online, already on the reservation website (linked above) at precisely 7:00 AM. Begin filling in the form before 7:00 AM. If you have 6 or fewer in your party, leave the Occupants space blank. You may only make 2 reservations per call or online visit. For more reservations, call or link again.

Yosemite makes these suggestions: "Another approach is to try to get different campsites each night (rather than one campsite for your entire stay). To do this, change the arrival date to your first desired night, the departure date to the next day, and specify that you're flexible for the next two weeks. With this method, you can search campgrounds in and near Yosemite all at once. Once you've chosen a specific campground, click on the date range availability choice to see if some of your nights are available. If you don't find availability using these methods, it's worth checking back as often as possible: cancellations will appear on the website immediately."

Phone reservations: (877) 444-6777, or (877) 833-6777 for TDD, or (518) 885-3639 from outside the US & Canada.

Recorded campground availability message: (209) 372-0266

Advice for Campers at Crane Flat Campground

"If you arrive at the campground with different equipment than what you booked for, you will likely not fit, and will be turned away."

"The Primary Occupant of the site will be required to show photo ID upon check-in at the campground."

map of campground locations on Tioga Road, including Crane Flat Campground,  Yosemite National Park


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