Sequoia National Forest
Campground Map

Lake Isabella

map of campgrounds in the Sequoia National Forest Troy Meadow Campground Fish Creek Campground Kennedy Meadows Campground Headquarters Campground Goldledge Campground Hospital Flat Campground Camp 3 Campgrsound Fairview Campground Tillie Creek Campground Live Oak Campground Camp 9 Campground Hungry Gulch Campground Boulder Gulch Campground Paradise Cove Campground Sandy Flat Campground French Gulch Group Campground Pioineer Point Campground Ricardo Campgound, Red Rock Canyon State Park

Sequoia National Forest Campgrounds

Most of the campgrounds in the southern Sequoia National Forest are clustered around Lake Isabella and the Kern River.

Campgrounds with Group Campsites

  • Camp 3 Campground
  • Tillie Creek Campground
  • Live Oak Campground
  • Camp 9 Campground

Campground Designations

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