Mojave Desert Camping Map

Mojave Desert Camping Map Calico Ghost Town Campground Afton Canyon Campground Hole-in-the-Wall Campground

Selection of the Best Campgrounds is based on a combination of campground facilities, campground ambiance, and the proximity of outstanding recreational opportunities. The ratings are intended to serve as a general guide and may not always concur with the interests and experiences of others.

Go Prepared for Desert Camping

Desert campers tend to be a hearty and adventurous sort who know how to deal with the harsh temperatures and the sometimes-challenging terrain. They go prepared, knowing that if they become stranded in some remote location, help may not be coming soon. They are alert to the dangers that might arrive unannounced.

Many experienced desert travelers choose the winter months when temperatures are not so extreme. But they know that desert nights can be surprisingly cold. Prudent desert visitors carry plenty of water - gallons and gallons, not pints and quarts.

They are prepared for the sun with wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeve shirts that offer UV protection. Their vehicles are stocked with emergency supplies, enough to survive for days if stranded in some remote spot. Four-wheel vehicles are always preferred, along with a full tank of gas. Satellite based emergency communication systems are an extra layer of safety that many always have with them.

The danger of flash floods must not be ignored in the desert. Dry washes and canyons can fill with water without warning. The sun can be shining and the ground dry where you are, while at the same time a thunderstorm is dumping water a hundred miles away. Wise desert travelers avoid danger areas and have planned escape routes to high ground. Never try to drive through flood waters.

Desert Camping Destinations

Hole-in-the-Wall Campground

For those eager to experience desert camping, Hole-in-the-Wall Campground in the Mojave National Preserve is an excellent choice. The varied terrain and opportunities for viewing desert wildlife are worth the extra miles off the main highway.

Equestrian and group campsites are located nearby at Black Canyon Equestrian and Group Campground.

Afton Canyon Campground

Visit what is often called the miniature Grand Canyon. The Mojave River at Afton Canyon has carved out a spectacular scene of sculptured, 300-foot cliffs in a multitude of colors. Campers enjoy star-gazing, horseback riding, photography and wildlife viewing.

Calico Ghost Town Campground

For a totally different experience, take the family to San Bernardino County's popular Calico Ghost Town. Find modern amenities including full hook-ups, nearby restaurant and shops, and a resorted silver mining town from the 1880s.

Group tent campsites are available at the Calico Ghost Town Campground.

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