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Lake Almanor

map of Lake Almanor campground locations, CA Rocky Point Campground Almanor Campgrounds North Shore Campground High Bridge Campground Last Chance Creek Campground Domingo Springs Campground Ponderosa Flat Campground Cool Springs Campground Yellow Creek Campground

Day Trips from Lake Almanor Campgrounds

With a base camp at one of the Lake Almanor Campgrounds, visitors can set out on a number of wonderful day trips. Among the most popular is a day at Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park is about a 45-minute drive from Lake Almanor.

Another scenic day trip is to the south along the Feather River Canyon or to the popular resort are of Graeagle and to Plumas Eureka State Park.. Interesting artifacts from California's mining years can be viewed at the park.

Several nearby lakes are worth visiting, such as butt Valley Reservoir and Mountain Meadows Reservoir. For those who enjoy golf, there is the Baily Creek Golf Course, the Lake Almanor West Golf Course, and the Lake Almanor Country Club (open to the public).

Lake Almanor Campgrounds

A number of nice Forest Service and PG&E campgrounds are found around the shores of Lake Almanor and along nearby streams. While some marinas and resorts in the area also have RV - and even tent - camping, we have not included them in this guide. Privately owned North Shore Campground, which is also included.

Group camps are found at Almanor Campground, Last Chance Creek, and Rocky Point. Equestrian Campsites are located at Last Chance Creek Campground.

With a surface area of over 4,500 acres, Lake Almanor attracts boaters, waterskiers, anglers, and many others from across the West. The dam that forms Lake Almanor is owned by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which also operates several campgrounds in the area.

Many who visit Lake Almanor take advantage of the local campgrounds. Rocky Point Campground is a popular destination for both RV campers and tent campers. The Almanor Campground has several different sections, including their new Legacy campground. North Shore Campground is especially popular with families because of its many amenities. Those who would prefer to camp away from Lake Almanor find Last Chance Creek Campground a nice spot to relax.

A number of marinas and other facilities are found around the lake, making it a wonderful destination for boaters. Anglers fish for king salmon, bass, and trout. Fishing boats are readily available for rent at most of the marinas.

Butt Valley Reservoir Campgrounds

Butt Valley Reservoir (or Butt Lake) is part of PG&E's hydroelectric facilities, the second level of PG&E's Stairway of Power. Water from Lake Almanor passes through a tunnel to a powerhhouse just upstream from Butt Valley Reservoir. Two excellent campgrounds are found on the shore of the lake, both operated by PG&E. A third campground is nearby along Yellow Creek.

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